Weeds, bad weather, diappointment…oh and a greenhouse!

Okay, so I haven’t updated my blog in a while. I’ve been meaning to, but everything hasn’t gone to plan, the weather at the start of the year was crap, everything I’ve started to grow hasn’t grown. Slugs have been a pain, cats have been a pain, the council have been a pain, but now, I think I’m getting somewhere!

I’m not really sure where to start, so I’ll forget about the dismal past and talk about today. It started pretty early, I arrived at plot 3 around 6.30am and I was up to my neck in weeds! Why so early I hear you ask? We’re currently experiencing a heat wave, sod starting any later, It’ll be far too hot and I’ll just become grumpy.

My main focus for today was clearing all the beds of weeds. They’ve been stressing me out too much! Most of the weeds were in the brassica beds. I’ve already lost a crop of cabbages due to the slugs, my broccoli and Brussels sprouts were also attacked but I managed to save them, so I didn’t want some bind weed to finish the job that the slugs started!

My main crop potatoes ‘Maris Piper’ went in pretty late, but seem to be doing very well. They are just about to flower, which means I’ll be picking spuds pretty soon!

My Beetroot are pretty dismal, but hopefully I’ll get a good crop. My radishes seem to be doing well. I just need thin them out. It’s the first time I’ve grown them too!

Probably my favourite crop, peas. I love peas, like a fat kid loves chocolate. I’m not sure if I’ll manage to get them home as I’ll be eating them as soon as I pick them!

This was my courgette and squash bed, but that all went to shit. So the chap on the plot next to me probably felt sorry for me and gave me a pumpkin (I think). Bec also bought some strawberries. On the plus side, after 2 months of planting, a squash has just germinated. (On the far left of the pic, next to the label).

I planted some leeks by seed, and next to them were my cabbages. But the slugs got to them. Note to self, ‘If you don’t net it, you don’t get it’.

In this bed I have broccoli and Brussels sprouts. The slugs got to these but I managed to save them. Just. I’m looking forward to bringing these home for christmas!

Broccoli and cauliflower. Planted too close to each other. But I’m sure they’ll be okay.

I have a bed of carrots and spring onions….but no picture to show off the poor crop!

Anyway… I have a greenhouse.

In my previous posts I bought a green house, or 2 from wilko. Don’t do that. It’s a waste of time! Bec’s uncle, Colin, donated some timber and his time to help me build a greenhouse.

Boosh! A lean-to greenhouse. I’m going to put some guttering on the side to catch the rainwater.

I built a potting bench.

I built a path and bed for my tomatoes.

And finally….excuse the mess. But while I’ve been radio silent, I’ve added some raised beds and bark chipping paths.

So all in all, I’m getting somewhere. Anyway, I hope your still awake. Stay tuned, I’m going to make some rhubarb cordial.

Speak soon x

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