Making Progress…

I was lucky to choose a good weekend to head over to the allotment before storm Doris came to visit us! It was the perfect opportunity to have a final clear up before rotavating. Becca came to help me, finally!

I have decided to split my allotment into 5 main beds:

  • Legumes
  • Brassicas
  • Potatoes
  • Onions and roots
  • Flower bed

The beds will be a reasonable size, around 3M x 3M with a small path down the middle of each one, which will allow me to reach the whole bed. (Apart from the flower bed.) This will give me 9 beds to work with. My allotment will work on a 4-year crop rotation, which basically means that in year 2 my Legumes bed will move to the Onions and roots bed, the Brassicas will move to the Legume bed, the Potatoes will move to the Brassicas bed and the Onions and roots will move to the Potatoes bed, and so on every year! The idea is that by year 5 we’ll be back to the start again!

I have decided that all my paths are going to be grass as once I mow them, the clippings can go into the compost heap.

I started sowing a few things in January, ready for the allotment. This was a very premature decision (a little too excited and eager) as they are ready to be planted now but it is far too cold. So back to square one this weekend for sowing crops again.

I had put a greenhouse on the allotment. A cheap walk-in type from Wilkinsons for £30. Ideal for what I want. However, Doris didn’t like it and blew it away so I’ll have to reconsider my options for this. I also rotavated the allotment and added some chicken manure (Marshalls seeds £22).


Remember what the allotment looked like?20170218_1159391

That’s Becca being really helpful on the allotment!


This is the amount of rubbish I’ve found on the allotment

20170220_144731The allotment is nearly ready!

Plan of action:

I’ll try and get over to the allotment this weekend and fix the greenhouse. I’m going to draw a plan for what’s going where and mark out my paths. I reckon I can get away with planting some early potatoes, pop some bamboo canes in for the beans (when they are ready) and I have some grass seed turning up tomorrow from, so maybe I can pop down some seed! All weather depending!!

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