Hello World

So I’ve finally decided to start my own blog! Wonderful isn’t it. I hope to find some spare time in my very busy lifestyle to keep this thing updated! As well as letting you all know what I’ve been up to recently on my allotment. I’ve decided to call it ‘Plot 3a’. Simple, yet effective.

So my partner (Becca) and I moved to the wonderful village of Little Stanion a little over a year ago. Saturday 29th August 2015 to be precise. It’s such a beautiful house, 3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 storey…tiny garden!! As a professional gardener I thought it was perfect. A small garden means low maintenance, and measuring 7m x 5m its pretty small.

I’ve always wanted to grow my own fruit and veg, and over the years moving from house to house, it’s just not been possible. But now I have finally settled down, I decided “I want to grow my own fruit and veg”. There is no reason as to why I want to do it. I mean lets face it, people grow fruit and veg for a number of reasons, mainly to save money or I always hear “home grown veg tastes bloody lovely”.

The first problem I came across on my mission to grow fruit and veg was “where am I going to grow it?”. Becca would hit the roof if she came home from work one day and found I’d dug the garden over to grow vegetables, so I decided to join the allotment waiting list. Months had passed and I hadn’t heard anything. Until I received a telephone call from a lady at the local council giving me the good news. “Dan, we have an allotment for you. A half plot”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, but I was a bit disappointed to hear that I had a half plot. I wanted a full size plot with a big shed, green house, loads of raised beds, paths, a mini little fence, a gate. You know, the type you’d see on the telly. But no, I was getting a half plot that had been left unattended for “6 months”.

I picked the keys up, as well as a map and of I headed to my new venture.  I approached the gate and I was thinking “this is going to be great!!” I was expecting all the plots to be in use, with raised beds full of produce, bamboo canes supporting the broad beans, scarecrows, sheds, greenhouses….you get the idea.

Boy was I wrong! Of the 11 plots on the allotment, 2 were in use. That’s right. Two. It was a struggle to identify mine:


So there you have it. Measuring 12m x 9m there is my half plot. I’m literally starting from scratch!

Luckily for me, being the professional gardener that I am, I have the right tools for this job. I cut everything back and found buried some raised beds. Some of the timber was no good so that’s going in the burning pile, the rest I will reuse. I covered the whole thing in a membrane and left it for a few weeks. When I came back to it, I noticed it wasn’t very effective so I decided to use a selective weed killer (not very organic, I know! but let me off this once!!), which worked a treat. All that’s left to do is turn the soil over.

Right I’m off to make a plan for “plot 3a” and get my seed catalogue out!

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